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Home » Y&R Comings & Goings: Shemar Moore as Malcolm Winters, Chene Lawson as Harmony “Yolanda” Hamilton, & Thad Luckinbill as J.T. Hellstrom

Y&R Comings & Goings: Shemar Moore as Malcolm Winters, Chene Lawson as Harmony “Yolanda” Hamilton, & Thad Luckinbill as J.T. Hellstrom

Shemar Moore as Malcolm Winters

Y&R’s 50th Anniversary has some big names coming back to the small screen! Check out our Young and The Restless Comings and Goings for 2023!

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May 2023

Coming in May: Chene Lawson, Shemar Moore, and Thad Luckinbill

Chene Lawson / Yolanda “Harmony” Hamilton

Chene Lawson is set to reprise her role as Yolanda Hamilton, now known as Harmony, on The Young and the Restless on Friday, May 5th. Harmony is the biological mother of Devon (played by Bryton James).

Chene Lawson.
Chene Lawson

The character of Harmony has faced numerous challenges, including homelessness and drug addiction. She had a son, Devon, with Tucker McCall (Trevor St. John).

Due to her addictions, Harmony gave Devon to her mother, who then placed him in foster care.

Eventually, Devon was adopted by Drucilla and Neil.

Chene Lawson portrayed Harmony in 2005 and 2006, while Debbi Morgan took on the role in 2011 and 2012.

Lawson will appear in several episodes, coinciding with Shemar Moore’s appearance as Malcolm Winters.

Shemar Moore / Malcolm Winters

According to Deadline, Shemar Moore is returning in his iconic role of Malcolm Winters on May 8, 2023.

He’ll be connecting with his daughter Lily (Christel Khalil) and his nephews, Devon and Nate (Sean Dominic).

We’re not sure how long he’ll be sticking around Genoa City, but it sounds like it could be a one-time reprisal of his role.

Shemar Moore as Malcolm Winters.

Thad Luckinbill / J.T. Hellstrom

Thad Luckinbill is returning as J.T. Hellstrom, and he’ll be on a video call with Elena (Brytni Sarpi) on May 2nd.

Thad Luckinbill as J. T. Hellstrom.

Audra (Zuleyka Silver) acquires J.T.’s contact information and provides it to Elena.

Eager to interfere with any potential romance between Victoria and Nate, Elena contacts Victoria’s ex to interview him about his brain tumor, hoping to persuade him to return to Genoa City.

Read more about J.T. and the possibilities for his return!

April 2023

Coming in April: Mo Rocca as Milton (Nikki Newman’s accountant), and Millie Ingle as Aria Porter Copeland (Tessa and Mariah’s baby girl).

Leaving in April: James Hyde as Jeremy Stark, Mishael Morgan as Amanda Sinclair, and Barbara Crampton as Leanna Love.

Mo Rocca / Milton

Mo Rocca appears as Nikki Newman’s infatuated accountant for a brief moment, declaring his undying love for her… Just in time for tax season!

Milton looks longingly after Nikki as she leaves

Millie Ingle / Aria Porter Copeland

Milli Ingle portrays Aria Porter Copeland, Tessa and Mariah’s new baby girl. She first appears on April 14 to charm Genoa City residents.

The baby, Aria

March 2023

Coming in March: Mishael Morgan as Amanda Sinclair, Michael Damian as Danny Romalotti, Patty Weaver as Gina Roma(lotti), Barbara Crampton as Leanna Love, Tricia Cast as Nina Webster, and Veronica Redd as Mamie Johnson.

Mishael Morgan / Amanda Sinclair

According to an Instagram post, Mishael Morgan will be back for a few days as Amanda Sinclair, acting as attorney for Chancellor-Winters’ battle with Devon. The actress is on recurring status.


Michael Damian / Danny Romalotti

Michael Damian returns to Genoa City as Danny Romalotti. We last saw Danny in December of 2022 as he reunited with his son, Daniel Romalotti. Can’t wait to see what GC’s home-grown rock star is going to get involved with on his return!

Danny smiles as he talks with Cricket

Tricia Cast / Nina Webster

Tricia Cast returns as Nina Webster. Tricia has been playing the role of Nina since 1986 and won a Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Younger Actress in 1992 for her role. Nina Webster hasn’t been seen in Genoa City since 2021, as she’s been in Australia with her son Phillip.

Tricia Cast (IMDB)

Veronica Redd / Mamie Johnson

It’s been a long time since we’ve seen Veronica Redd, who is going to return as Mamie (or Mame) Johnson, the Abbott’s housekeeper. We’ve heard her name lately, so it’s going to be a breath of fresh air when we finally get to see her grace the halls of the Abbott Mansion once again!

Veronica Redd as Mamie Johnson (CBS)

Barbara Crampton / Leanna Love

Barbara Crampton is returning to The Young and The Restless as Leanna Love, who hasn’t been seen since 2007. Leanna is a journalist and used to be a talk show host. She was married to Victor Newman for a time, as well!

Let’s see what she brings to the table!

Barbara Crampton as Leanna Love in 1999 (CBS)

Patty Weaver / Gina Roma

Patty Weaver will be reprising her role as Gina Roma, Danny’s sister. Gina hasn’t been seen since 2013, when she attended the funeral of her stepmother and friend, Katherine Chancellor.

Gina was an entertainer and used to run a restaurant called Gina’s in Genoa City until it was burned down by an arsonist (Kevin Fisher!) and destroyed.

Patty Weaver as Gina Roma with Michael Damian as Daniel Romalotti (CBS)

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